Is there a way to take a screen shot?

Kent, Deborah -

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    Kent, Deborah

    Yes!  You can use the PrintKey 2000 program, which is installed on every computer in District 158. PrintKey 2000 will allow you to take, crop, save and copy screen shots from your computer desktop to your computer.  These screen shots can be used to insert into directions, files, etc.

    To use PrintKey 2000:

    1.  When you are at an area on your screen from which you would like to take a screen shot, hold down the Alt key and press the Print Screen button.

     2.  The PrintKey screen will open.  To select portion of the screen, click the Rectangle link.

     3.  Highlight the portion that you would like to copy.  Then click Copy.

     4.  Open the document onto which you would like to paste, and click Edit; select Paste.

     5.  If you like, you may save the screen shot for later use.  To do this:

    • Click the Save icon.
    • Give the screen shot a name.
    • In the Save as type: field, use the down arrow to select the file format of your choice.  (Normally a .gif works fine.)
    • In the Save In: field, use the down arrow to select your network folder.  You may wish to create a special folder for screen shots within your folder.
    • Click Save.

     6.  If you wish to print the screen shot, simply press the Print icon.

     Note:  Be sure the Auto Save is turned to Off.  (Icon of a clock). 

    Note:  If you don’t see the PrintKey 2000 icon  at the bottom, right corner of your screen, you must open the program.  To open the program, click Start; select Programs, PrintKey2000 and then Printkey2000.

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