How do students log into the computer?

Kent, Deborah -

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    Kent, Deborah

    Students in grades 3 - 12 have their own network account.  For each student, their user name is the letter S, followed by their ID number.  (example, S12654) 

    The initial password is the ID number itself:

    • For grades 3 - 5, this password can not be changed and does not expire. 
    • For grades 6 -12, the password expires at first logon.  At that point, the student needs to change their password to one that is at least 5 characters long.

    Students in grades K - 2 use a generic account:

    • Chesak students use cstudent.  Password is Chesak
    • Mackeben students use mstudent.  Password is Mackeben
    • Leggee K - 2 students use lstudent.  Password is Leggee.
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