How can I add a network printer to my list?

Kent, Deborah -

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    Kent, Deborah

    If you don't see the printer that you wish in your printer list, follow these steps to add it in:

    • Click Start; select Devices and Printers
    • Click the Add a printer link.
    • Select Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
    • Click The printer that I want isn't listed.
    • Click the middle radio button.  In the Name: field, key two backslashes, the server name for your campus, and then one more backslash.  These are the server names:

    hrcprint  (High School and Leggee)                              For instance, \\hrcprint\

    rrcprint  (Marlowe, Martin and Chesak)                         For instance, \\rrcprint\

    sbrprint (Heineman, Conley and Mackeben)                 For instance, \\sbrprint\

    admprint (Administration building)                                 For instance, \\admprint\

    • As soon as you key in the last backslash, a list of printers will appear for your campus.  Use the drop-down arrow to select the printer of your choice. 

               Examples are: 

    \\hrcprint\hhs530001   would be printer number hhs53001 at Huntley High School

    \\sbrprint\hms2330dn3   would be printer number hms2330dn3 at Heineman

    • Click Next.
    • Answer yes or no to the next question.  Then click Next and Finish.


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