How do I export a query from PowerSchool into Excel?

Kent, Deborah -

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    Kent, Deborah
    • Log into PowerSchool
    • Find your current selection of students.
    • Click on the Quick Export function.
    • In the Quick Export box, key in the fields of the quick export.
    • Click Submit and Save.  The name of the file will be student.export.text.  There is no need to re-name this file.  Save the file on your desktop and click Close.
    • Close or minimize PowerSchool.
    • Open Excel.
    • Click File; select Open.  Change the Look In to Desktop.  Change the Type of file to All Files.
    • Open the student.export.text file.  Click Finish.
    • Rename the file to one a name of your choice and save it as an Excel file.
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