How do I print out teachers' class lists in PowerSchool?

Kent, Deborah -

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    Kent, Deborah
    • Log into PowerSchool
    • Click System Reports
    • At the bottom of the Reports screen, you'll see a Student Listings section.  Click the Class Rosters (PDF) link.
    • At the Class Rosters (PDF) screen, hold down the Ctrl key as you click on all the homeroom teachers.
    • Click the checkbox next to the number 1 in the A column.
    • Click the button next to are currently enrolled in  class.
    • For size, line height, style, key in 16.  Check the box next to Bold.
    • In the Heading test field, keyin:

    Room: ^(room)
    Grade: ^(grade_level)

    • For the Roster columns field, key in:


    • Click Submit.
    • In the Report Queue, wait until the status says Completed.  Then click the Completed link.
    • The result will be a .pdf file with a bookmark for each teacher's class. Save the file for future reference, and print the pages needed from that file.
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