Performing a Mail Merge for Labels

Kent, Deborah -

"How do I do a Mail Merge?" is one of the most-asked questions of the Help Desk.  The steps are simple, and if you follow the directions below, it will work easily for you every time. 

  • Add information to, and save your Excel 2010 file.  Then close out of Excel.
  • Open Word 2010.
  • Click the Mailings tab.
  • From the Start Mail Merge group, click the Start Mail Merge shortcut.
  • Select Labels.
  • On the Label Options screen, select the Label vendor and the product number of your labels.  Then click OK.
  • From the Mailings tab, click the Select Recipients icon and select Use Existing List.
  • Find and select the Excel file that has your fields and entries.  Then click OK.
  • In the Write & Insert Fields group, click the Insert Merge Field icon.
  • Select the first field.  Then click Insert and Close. Repeat for all fields that you will use on your labels.  Don't forget to add spaces and to press Enter to start a new line.
  • In the Write & Insert Fields group, click the Update Labels icon.
  • From the Finish group, click the Finish & Merge icons.  Select Edit Individual Documents.  Then click OK.
  • Print your labels.
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